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…mental life is a nonlinear, self-organizing re-patterning of self state configurations that produce shifting representations of “me”.  Phillip Bromberg

Whoever goes in quest of knowledge, let him fish for it where it is to be found; there is nothing I so little profess. These are fancies of my own, by which I do not pretend to discover things but to lay open myself.   Michel de Montaigne

I borrow Montaigne’s disclaimer but I am no Montaigne. When I began this blog, I too wanted to write so that I could learn what I was thinking. I didn’t put my name on the blog because it didn’t seem to matter that a name was attached to these “fancies of my own”. However, in these parlous political times citizens must exercise their protected right to free speech. I am no longer convinced that anonymous political speech deserves the same level of respect or protection. These days, anonymity is the cloak of corporate dark money and internet trolls.

My name is Mylor Treneer. I grew up, live and work in Seattle, Washington. I am a husband, father and grandfather. Thanks to the International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees, the United Steelworkers, the National Education Association and the United Food and Commercial Workers, I have enjoyed economic security. I remain active in organized labor.

United we bargain, divided we beg.

bacon self portrait

Self Portrait,  Francis Bacon


Jane Galloway says:


Hey Mylor! Nice piece. Glad to know you’re running — or at least were recently. Hope all’s well.

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