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Conspiracy Theory

Certain patterns emerge.
Here and there can always be linked.
Clues will be withheld, so guess again.
Timing is everything.
When comes next to how
and where is very helpful.
Isn’t there complicity in proximity?
The sharp edges of vision
get us to the grocery store,
but are of no help
in looking behind, below
where reasons live
crowded in a dark hold.
What is intended?
There are so many starting points.
Why don’t we know?
The world works without us
and could fail us
without further notice.
Who rolls the dice?
(Somebody knows something!)
Close your eyes,
what starts as a whisper
can become a sing-along and
the pattern of the certain
can feel divined.

Copyright 2021, Mylor Treneer
All Rights Reserved



Sometimes I feel like
I have shuffled through my days in loose slippers.
Had I arisen just a little earlier
in time to press my uniform,
lace my boots and cinch my belt
I could have dressed with fit.
My options could have been coolly surveyed,
attendant risks given their red flags.
Surely I could have walked the world
to a different destination.

Copyright 2020, Mylor Treneer
All Rights Reserved